First Art Show in Space

I am creating the First Art Show in Space (FASS), Summer 2019. I am very excited to connect this groundbreaking experience to support Global Warming. This show will be lifted up into space by air balloons displaying 4 original artwork created specifically for this event. On the back of each piece will be the names of every person who are supporting this event with their donations and in return, you will not only be a part of the First Art Show in Space but you will get a copy of one of the art pieces. We look forward to you joining us for this very exciting time. Check out that page here.

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About Alex Sasha Toporovsky

I am often asked how I go about painting on metal. It always starts the same way. I purchase stainless steel panels from my local metal supply company, and then have the sheets cut down to my desired size. I then distress the metal by using a grinder and a sanding pad. Not only does that technique create a surface for the paint to stick onto, but also allows the light to play off the metal once the painting is complete.

Considering that the metal is as much an integral part of my paintings, as is the oil paint - I make sure to leave as much of the metal showing through as I can. When light strikes the metal it creates the illusion of a 3D effect. As the viewer moves around the art it appears as if the reflecting light is dancing across the painting.

I primarily paint in my studio which is located in the historical Gaslamp Quarter in Down Town San Diego. My paintings are mostly a collage of ideas and images that I bring together to form a work of art. I use a thick oil medium that allows my brush strokes and colors to weave together seamlessly - much like water. The combination of all these factors give my paintings a dreamlike quality. My images are like a snapshot of time and place.