Bitcoin And Ethereum As Payment For Paintings and Commissioned Works of ART.

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Bitcoin And Ethereum As Payment For Paintings and Commissioned Works of ART.

Artist Sasha T. Accepting Bitcoin As Payment For Paintings and Commissioned Works of ART.

Yes crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash have entered the sixty billion dollar art world and it's no exception that individual artist like myself even though few are starting to accept crypto currencies instead of traditional Fiat money such as US dollars. 

The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Many new innovations are disrupting traditional forms of business. We have no further to look then companies like Uber that have just about killed the traditional way we get around and has pretty much killed the taxi services. Even though crypto currencies are relatively new they are already disrupting traditional forms of payment. Bitcoin being the biggest one that most people have heard of. There is a strong possibility that we may be looking at a new form of currency in cryptos that may be adopted world wide in the next couple of years. It's already taken the world by storm with hundreds of million investors jumping in and new blockchain technology being developed which is the driving force behind Bitcoin and the other cryptos. 

Art is all about innovation and pushing forward to try new things. Art is about letting people see and experience things in a new way. This is why for years now I have made a name for myself by painting on stainless steel panel. This is what makes my art unique and stand out from millions of other artworks out there. This is also why I am embracing the new forms of payment options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. These forms of payment allow people from all over the world to purchase my works easily and securely. 

Now anyone can purchase my original works and prints, as well as order commissioned works of art from me directly on my website using traditional forms of payment, but also crypto currencies. For those who would like to know more about using Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as forms of payment please contact me directly through my website. I am happy to answer any questions regarding my art, or payment methods you can use with me. 

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