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Hillary Clinton has been and will continue to be a controversial figure in American history. After all she was poised to become the first female president of the United States.

In the early part of 2016 Hillary announced that she would be running for president. As an artist I thought about the potential that this may indeed be a critical moment in our countries history. I did not know it at the time, but I would be proven right. I was also thinking about the importance of capturing - in paint the history that might be made.
I believe it is an artist job to capture the world around them and to present it to their audience in a way that will inspire thought, controversy, delight and even disgust, so with that in mind I decided to paint a portrait of Hillary Clinton entitled "Breaking the Glass Ceiling".


Hillary was already a controversial figure with added bonus of possibly becoming the first female president in our nations history. I could not help but wonder how people would react to her and especially how women would react to her nomination. She was after all a feminist and an inspiration for many women. I to have always seen women as equals to men, so I was inspired by the idea that a women for the first time might hold the highest office in the land and how having a women president might change the course of our country.

I do not typically paint portraits. I also do not paint on canvas unless a client requests it. Since 2012 I have been specifically painting on metal. Stainless steel panel to be exact. Painting a metal with oils requires a different approach as opposed to painting on a more traditional surface such a canvas, so the though of painting Hillary on metal and how that would look really excited me.


Since the metal is as much part of my paintings as is the paint. I had to figure out a way to let the metal shine, but not take away from the painting itself. I also needed to have a background that would not overshadow Hillary and that would capture the feeling of the presidential race. I decided on a very simple color pallet, with the metal taking the place of white on the American Flag. I was not able to find any one picture of Hillary that really struck me, so I used several different images to compose the painting. I wanted the painting and Hillary in particular to have a glow about her. The orange suit not only gave me the look that I needed, but orange is considered a power color, which I felt was fitting. 


As of December 2016 I have been in communication with the Clinton Presidential Library, and I am very excited that this painting of Hillary will be part of their permeant collection for people to enjoy and to have a little piece of history in what will defiantly go down in history as one of the most contentious and dividing presidential races in American history. 




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    amazing peice of art , i would like to share a similarthing . whats ur email id

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