The First Art Show In Space

An amazing opportunity to be part of the first art show in space, First art show in space to be launched by International artist Sasha T., The first art show of its kind will be going up into space this year -

The First Art Show In Space

                                       FIRST ART SHOW IN SPACE

My name is Sasha Toporovksy. I am an artist based out of San Diego, CA and I am known for my paintings on metal. Stainless steel to be exact. Currently I am creating the first art show in space and I would love your help in making this amazing show possible. 


This is your opportunity to be a part of history, and to have your name inscribed on the back of artwork to be featured in space. This is the first art show of it kind and will make history later this year which will be broadcast online as the event unfolds. 


Each person will have their name inscribed on the back of the original artwork that will be going up into space. Your name will forever be part of history on the backside of this artwork featured as the first art show to be held in space. 

Each person that purchases a spot will receive a limited edition print on aluminum that is the exact copy of the original that will be going up into space. Your name as well as others will be printed on the back of the print. There will only be sixty of these prints made.

All prints will be hand signed by me and you will receive a certificate of authenticity with the number of the print. The certificat will be signed and dated to mark this historic event.


I am offering an introductory price for the first thirty five people at $700. Once this is sold out the regular price will be $1000

There is no limit as to how many name spots you can purchase. For those who wish to purchase five spots I am offering a  discounted rate of $3500. This is a great savings if you would like to include the names of family members, or for business who wish to purchase spaces for themselves and their employes. 

Please include all the names  for the spots you are purchasing during check out, or in a direct message to me. Once you initiate the purchase you will receive an automatic receipt from Go Fund Me and I will follow up with an email which will include my phone number so that we can communicate through out this process. The artwork will be shipped out to you as soon as all sixty name slots are sold out. You will receive an email along with a tracking number for your print. Please be advised that it may take more than a month for the name slots to be sold out. 

You can also just make a contribution without having your name on the artwork. I appreciate any and all help in creating this project. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 


There will be four pieces of art going up together into space. Each piece of art will be on aluminum and will have a positive message on it. The first piece is the one featured below. The other three pieces are currently being developed and I will post them as they become available.

There is space on the back of each artwork for sixty names. Every person who purchases a spot will have their names engraved on the back of the artwork and will receive a limited edition 16" x 20 print on aluminum that is the exact same replica as the piece that will go up into space. There will only be sixty limited edition prints made for each image. The prints you receive will have your name on the back and will be signed by me. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity commemorating this historic art show. All prints have a frame on the back and are ready for hanging. 


All four pieces of art will be attached to the outside of the basket. The basket will be attached to a high altitude weather balloon. Weather balloons can rise to an altitude of 24 miles (39 kilometers) or more before they burst, and a payload may land (via parachute) up to 75 miles (120 km) away, depending on wind conditions at the launch site. The event will be broadcast on the internet via Go Pro cameras which will be mounted on the outside of the basket. There will be one camera for each work of art. You will be able to view the entire process as the ballon lunches off and rises into space. The process takes around four hours. the cameras will capture the entire event including the artwork in space with the earth as the backdrop. Once the balloon reaches its maximum hight it will expand and pop. When the balloon starts to descend back into the earths atmosphere a parachute will deploy and carry the payload back down to earth safely at which point my crew and I will recover the balloon and the artwork from it's landing site using GPS. 


My name is Sasha Toporovsky and I am an international artist based out of San Diego, CA. I specialize in paintings on stainless steel and prints on aluminum. I have been a professional artist for over twenty five years and I am always in search of new and exciting ways of bringing art to the world.

To learn more about me, my art and this project please have a listen to the podcast: 
Please message me with any questions you may have regarding this project, how to purchase a spot for your name, or any other questions you may have for me regarding this project.

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