Abstract Metal Wall Art, Print on Aluminum, Original Oil Painting

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Abstract Print On Aluminum. Original Oil Painting - Abstract Print Orange, Pallet Knife Painting - Cottage Chic Abstract Print on Metal.

"The Pallet" is an abstract painting that was created using thick luscious strokes of oil paint. This was my pallet for some of the other paintings I was working on at the time. I noticed how much I liked what was happening on the pallet with the mixing of colors that I decided to add to it and make it its own painting.

This piece is printed on high quality aluminum. Printing it on this surface creates a beautiful print that glows, which is not achievable with paper or canvas, and will last for many more years. The print comes with backing that allows it to float about an inch off the wall. You don't need a frame but can frame it if you wish. Great for indoors or out in the garden.

Title: “The Pallet"
Artist: Sasha T.

* Printed on high brushed aluminum panel
* All materials of archival quality
* Measures 11” x 14” inches
* Presented in gallery style.
* Not framed but hinged in back. No frame required.
* Signed and dated on back by hand. Each one is unique.
* Custom sizes are available from 11' x 14 to 24' x 36"
* Price will vary according to size.

Materials: Aluminum,metal,mixed media print,stainless steel,print,oil paints,brushes,pallet,pallet knife,orange blue green,paintings,original paintings,medium

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